My first blog post! Hello everyone!!!

I decided to go ahead and start my very own sewing after I was inspired by looking at Quilt Market photos with my husband. He’s almost a quilt snob if you will. He is the man behind my quilt designs and self-proclaimed fabric guru. OK, he has an eye for seeing things I just well…can’t.

About Me
I’m a wife, mother to 2 children (26 months & 6.5 months), teacher to high school students with special needs, newbie quilter, think I can do it all sewist, and wannabe rock star. Needless to say I’m limited on my crafting time!


It took me 8 months to complete my first quilt. It’s a super size king John Deere Realtree Camo quilt…yes, picked out by my husband. I’m in the process of assembling a Houndstooth lap quilt, pattern & fabric picked out by mine truly.

My projects come few & far between so I would like to use this blog to showcase your projects as well as mine. I am also doing this from my tablet so pictures may not be the greatest, but, I’m not trying to be a professional here by any means…I’m here to have fun!

Until next time…


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