My New Iron

My Mother’s Day gift was a new iron…I never thought I would pick one!!! Originally I was content with getting a Rowenta until I read too many mixed reviews. Then I was leaning towards Black & Decker, great reviews. However, I rarely use water (makes my fabric wonky) (yes, I’m a starch freak) & nothing irritates me more than an iron that spits…


I bought her in college so she’s about 8 years old…she’s been great, I’m just ready for a new one. I did find an amazing one at a quilt store with a separate steam chamber so it doesn’t spit but the $249 price tag wasn’t worth it (unless it ironed for me or my husband said sure darling but…ha). So…I introduce to you…


A dry iron!! This was $30 from! Here I go opening it…


So far I LOVE the weight of the iron…nice & heavy!!


Smooth plate…no holes. Another feature I like is there is NO automatic off. I too often iron, sew, iron, etc with quilts & it annoys me to think I’d have to wait for an iron to reheat back up. Some like it to, I prefer it not to.



Wow…I will have to get used to the weight!! When she presses a seam, she means business, AWESOME!!! Right now I’m pressing some squares for my Houndstooth quilt I’m working on…


So while my 2 beautiful children are out with their father I’m going to take advantage of some me time!! Until next time…


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