My First (& most likely) Last Diaper Cover

Eff this.

So…I have been wanting to make a diaper cover for my baby girl for awhile. Imagine all her dresses with cute matching bottoms! Yeah…

I bought this…


…they lie.

I feel like I ran a marathon. I’m sweating, frustrated, but feel some sense of accomplishment…



Thankfully the camera on my tablet is crummy. I mean, all in all, it’s not THAT made & it will work. I didn’t match the thread but I didn’t plan to…this was a run through.

It all went downhill when I opened the pattern. In reality I bought the pattern for the diaper pattern. That was the one thing on-line tutorials failed to give me. I just wanted it on one sheet, done.

So…I have all my materials. I have cut out the pattern. Now…huh? The pattern called for bias tape to make the casing for the elastic. Holy moly. No matter how I read it, I was not understanding it. Spanish & French directions didn’t help either. 😉

So I searched for an on-line tutorial. Found one. A ha. Make the casing by just folding over the diaper, easy!

So I start with the waistband…I didn’t do too bad. I made the casing & just had to buy safety pins to thread the elastic through.

So now we’re here tonight. I thread my waistband & OK. It gets wonky in some places when I sew the elastic in, but, OK. Now for the legs…


My legs are not the same size. In hindsight I should have cut my elastic with the elastic guide so it would have been the same size. Live & learn. The legs were such a PITA.

The difficulty I faced were how small they were. Not only that but my fabric suddenly frayed and pulled off the stitch!!! What?!?! Sewing the elastic into the legs proved to be more difficult. But, I did it.

You know, after writing this & eating a chocolate banana bomb pop, it really wasn’t THAT bad. I wouldn’t say it’s super easy though. At least not at my level anyway.

Total time: Over 2 hours.


Eh…could be worse. Until next time…